Week in review: A typewriter for music, Ellsworth Kelly stamps, and more…

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Hi Friends-
I have some announcements to make before we begin.

  • The Browser, my favorite newsletter that recommends only the best writing on the web, sent me 20 FREE three-month passes to give away. Here's the link. First come, first serve!
  • I also received a special discount for 15% off on Focus@Will, scientifically optimized music to help you focus. Try the two-week free trial firstNote: I highly recommend the Ambient Channel if you're looking to kickstart that creative flow.

👉 And now for some of the most interesting links that are worth sharing this week: 

  1. Typewriter for music. I'm still bugging out over this Keaton Music typewriter designed by Robert Keaton in San Francisco, California in 1933. 
  2. Ellsworth Kelly Stamps. The USPS has issued a set of Elsworth Kelly's artworks as forever stamps.They're glorious
  3. How alligators freeze this time of yearWatch how alligators survive a Polar Vortex.
  4. Mary Oliver (RIP) on her writing routine
  5. “A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions think.” I wrote a 30-second read on why half-baked ideas are valuable ideas

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