Week in review: Genius athletes, Andy Warhol’s Whopper, what introverts do at parties, and more…

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Hi Friends-

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And now for the most intriguing links I think are worth sharing: 

  1. In Search of Greatness. “All inventive and creative peoplethey're not hung up on fixed definitions of what any form of life or reality may be,” said the philosopher Alan Watts. Director Gabe Polsky explores the creative genius of athletes like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali to explain what sets them apart from the rest. 
  2. Everyone needs a dragon day 🎨
  3. Andy Warhol's Super Bowl commercial. “Art is whatever you can get away with,” said Andy Warhol. I learned a few things about that strange Andy Warhol Whopper commercial in last week's Super Bowl
  4. What introverts do at parties.
  5. I wrote a 30-second read on embracing your inner rebel

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