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What is more important: money or time?

What is more important: money or time?, what is more important time or money

At some point, you’ll need to decide which is more important to you: time or money.

Everybody has the same amount of time. However, few people can enjoy it because they have to go to work. But we can be deliberate with time when it comes, using it pursue a hobby or hang out with friends and family. It’s proven that people who choose time over money spend it wisely and are happier for it.

Some rich folks feel like they never have enough money, so they buy things they never have time to use. They’re unhappy because they confuse time with money, but materialism rarely equates to happiness.

There is no doubt that money makes life easier. Who wants to wait in line, eat Ramen every night, and feel left out because they can’t afford to travel or upgrade their computer? Being poor sucks. But focusing on money fails to create the deeper meaning you seek.

In today’s age, software accelerates time. People feel like they’re playing catch-up, trying to stay on top of the news and their friends’ activities until they realize that the fear of missing out. Comparison is the root their of unhappiness.

“I wanted to pursue my star further,” Jack Kerouac once wrote. What he longed for is more time. The gas tank is starving for fuel so the individual can go out and find meaning. But that same person can always choose to slow down and walk for free.

What Should You Choose: Time or Money? 

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By Wells Baum

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