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What’s Ridiculous?

It’s ridiculous to use an iPad to take a picture.

It’s ridiculous to carry around a Starbucks Venti-sized coffee.

It’s ridiculous to be driving a Hummer in 2016.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better but it stands out like a sore thumb when its counterpart is typically smaller.

Compare this to cheaper, same-size, more unusual alternatives.

It’s ridiculous to wear two different colored socks to work, especially with a pair of Vans. You should dress more professional.

It’s ridiculous to blend your own Acai smoothie with other energy supplements. You should just drink coffee or tea to wake up.

It’s ridiculous to own a Blackberry when the iPhone is clearly superior.

It’s the expectations that are ridiculous. Blending in with the rest of them is a myth unless of course what you’re doing or holding is grandiose.

[Daddy G]
Trendy wendy you know what I mean

Hangin’ around with girl who’s rolling up her jeans

She watches her street cred cause she’s no dummy

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By Wells Baum

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