What’s your Starbucks name?

Everyone has a Starbucks name, whether it’s your real first name or an alias. I know a lot of foreigners that use American names at Starbucks just to speed up the ordering and fulfillment process, making their life and the barista’s much easier.

Coming up with a Starbucks name is a bit like an Internet username; we want it to be easy to remember while bordering fictitious. A good stage name is deceptive and reusable.

In an era of social networking, authenticity ostensibly means everything. Our reputation is on the line. But we also need ways to remain anonymous and contribute to the conversation without being accountable for what we say, a la Snapchat.

Name use is situational and elastic online and off. Your can get away with a fake name in exchange for coffee in the same way you can set up a dummy profile on Twitter and still participate.

The downfall of a phoniness upends long-term relationships though. A real return on relationship requires authenticity and trust.

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