Why Apple Will Make A Smart Watch

I bought the Nike+ FuelBand just for
experimentation. I never thought I’d actually keep it.

So after returning it last week one predominant observation came to mind: Apple needs to make wearable devices a priority. I even tweeted it out.

Google is making Internet-connected glasses so it can sell us real-time data for coupons, directions, and possibly ambient social networking. But I think people are more interested in wearing a Smart watch.

Apple should focus on the wrist rather than the eyes because people will wear a watch all day. Until Google glasses become invisible like a contact many people will just use them when they need it, like driving in the car or mountain biking.

With that said, the Apple iOS for body devices will need to mix health science and personal computing. Apple could easily replicate the FuelBand activity monitoring for calories, steps, and miles travelled including all the latest social features. Where Apple dominates will be its in its apps. I may not read a book on a watch the size of an iPod shuffle but I will catch up on email, read tweets, and access the latest sports scores.

If data is the new oil then wearable devices will only quadruple our data production and make data more local and useful than ever. Datatainment, turning heaps of data into engaging pieces of content, will make game makers like Zynga drool.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.