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Why everyone should blog

Everyone should blog. You do not have to publish 500 words a day. You do not even need to post at all. In fact, writing comes easier when you can write for yourself, in private. #blogging
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Everyone should blog. You do not have to publish 500 words a day. You do not even need to post at all. In fact, writing comes easier when you can write for yourself, in private.

Use a smartphone journal like the Day One app or the ever-popular Morning Pages Journal where you write by hand. When it comes to blogging effectively, you have to be a little vulnerable. Don’t tell all but don’t hide everything either, especially if your advice will benefit the lives of other people.

“Everyone should write a blog, every day, even if no one reads it. There’s countless reasons why it’s a good idea and I can’t think of one reason it’s a bad idea.” 

Seth Godin

I have been blogging for years (click here to view my guide to setting up a blog on WordPress). It is harder to get an audience who cares to read your stuff today than it has ever been. You have to assume nobody wants to read your shit because he or she is busy or would rather be social networking or playing games instead. However, for those readers who do read your blog frequently, they have subscribed for a reason.

Luis Suarez has been blogging since 2002 and recently offered some advice about using your blog to reflect the real you.

“It’s all about having a meaningful presence and how you work your way to make it happen, to leave a legacy behind, to share your thoughts and ideas others can learn from just like you do yourself with other people’s vs. pretending to be who you are not…Just be yourself with your own thoughts and share them along! It is what we all care for, eventually. The rest is just noise.”

Luis Suarez

No, blogging is not dead

People like to say blogging is dead. But not only are new platforms emerging like Medium, but blogging is just writing. Words will always be a powerful way to say something meaningful, whether it is in print, online, graffiti, or the walls of a cave.

I started this blog so I could show the world what interests me. It is no surprise that what you read here is information I learned from other blogs. In other words, blogging acts like a canvass where you synthesize, remix and interpret in your words.

Above all, blogging is free, what Seth Godin calls “the last great online bargain.” Blogging gives you a voice, and it is an excellent incentive to think in a world that just wants us to consume.

Blogging is a bicep curl for the brain. Write daily, and practice the art of conviction.

“Use your blog to connect. Use it as you. Don’t “network” or “promote.” Just talk.”

Neil Gaiman

If you're an WRITER or aspiring blogger, I highly recommend doing these 3 things:

1. Read Do the Work by Steven Pressfield
2. Create your own blog and publish something new every day (read my post on how to set up a FREE blog on Wordpress).
3. Listen to audiobooks. Try Audible free and experience the world's largest library of audiobooks.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of four books.

38 replies on “Why everyone should blog”

I enjoyed reading this and agree with you completely. What I would like to see are more male bloggers also.

I have been blogging for a little bit more than two months. It has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for myself in a long time. Everyone should take the time to put their thoughts into words. Thanks for the post!!

Love this! Blogging can be somewhat intimidating because it involves a good amount of putting yourself out there, but it’s fun nonetheless. And along the way you can really help some people too

Seth said it; blogging is a good idea for all. Cathartic purge. I have blogged for a decade. Been a pro for most of that time. Having fun sharing my thoughts is my intent but blogging helped me clear much from mind, to WordPress, to the world. Cleansing but also a helpful service to folks. Pinning and Retweeting for you.


I totally agree with this. I LOVE the blog community because I am learning so much! It is a place that everyone should visit and be a part of at least at one point in there lives. We are making our mark on the digital side of things. I can’t help but think that if not anyone else, my children will be able to track and trace my thoughts and feelings from this point forward for when my memory fails to serve me well.

Love your post, I’ve been blogging for the past 8 months as my leisure mostly and it’s rewarding, particularly when I see people read my post. I enjoy writing and it makes me free and happy.

“You do not have to publish 500 words a day. You do not even need to post at all.” thank you. i now well know that writing is cheaper than therapy. =)

Thanks for the reminder! I think I sometimes worry too much about whether or not people are enjoying the content on my blog. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I started it because I wanted a creative outlet.

Indeed. “Blogs are like ham­mers. They are tools for building stuff.” — Hugh MacLeod

“You do not have to publish 500 words a day. You do not even need to post at all.” Needed to hear that. As a novice blogger you read advice and start chasing objectives instead of connecting with people. Great advice. Great post.

I think this is great! I’m new to blogging, but I’m really enjoying the path to finding my own written voice. And I totally agree, everyone should use writing to help them find their own voice.

Hello Wells, thanks a lot for the pingback and for the tweet love as well! I really enjoyed your blog post and I must say that blogging certainly has a bit of an evolution process associated with it, because over a decade ago I used to be one of those folks who would advocate for blogging big time, but not for everyone, just perhaps for those who are really keen on writing along their thoughts and ideas and who love writing, like I can see from your own writing over here!, for the rest it may be something they could pass on…

A few years have gone by and I have shifted gears myself and I’d in agreement with what you mentioned above that I, too, feel everyone should blog / write / reflect in writing about whatever their fancy may well be. It’s one of those online activities that’s incredibly personal and soul reaching in terms of finding the words you would want to use, either long or short pieces, to see if an idea makes sense or not and start a conversation as a result of it. I don’t think it can’t get any better than that and while I know blogging out there on the Internet can be a rather intimidating experience, it’s one that will be tamed over the course of time with practice and patience so your tip about blogging privately initially is a great one to exercise your writing muscles before you open up the gates to the rest of the world, which is where the conversation happens.

Way too cool! Thanks much for the lovely reminder and for the pingback, once again! ???

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