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Why I Bought a Chromebook

After researching them for weeks, I finally gave in and bought a Toshiba ChromeBook 2. Why would I steer clear of a Mac?

Everything’s Mobile

It used to be all about the computer, but I do all my content creation and editing on my iPhone. The only time I use a computer are for work and when I want to whip through a task like putting a newsletter together.

Computers are Costly

A new Apple laptop costs at least $1100 and up, given how much you want to spend on extra memory and Apple Care. I bought this Chromebook 2 for $290 after Amazon (tracking me) dropped it from $300. Done deal.

ChromeBooks Deliver

There’s no beating the make of Mac. It feels like a thousand bucks. Quality is quality. But there’s no beating the Chromebook’s utility and price. If you use Chrome’s and the suite of Google products like Docs and Photos you should consider it.

The Toshiba screen I’m typing on is HD. The computer itself is ready to go as soon as you power it on. The keyboard, mouse pad and speakers are good enough. You can always use an external keyboard and speakers. 

The Chromebook is no replacement for a MacBook. It’s not supposed to be. It’s perfect for social networking, watching videos, and writing. Everything gets saved in the cloud. 

I’d rather spend good money on a Smartphone with an advanced camera than a new computer.

If you’re interested in buying a Chromebook, do your research to find the one that’s best suited for you. Here’s a good place to start

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By Wells Baum

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