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Why I Moved Away From Evernote

The problem with keeping everything in one place is that it causes clutter.

I used Evernote for years but recently stopped because it became too bloated with my notes. I also stopped because I found cleaner alternatives in using ByWord or IA writer with Dropbox sync.

Evernote acts like a second brain. It wants you to dump stuff you can quickly rediscover with keyword search. But Evernote also becomes an excuse for hoarding. I started saving everything (emails, reports, presentations, brain farts, etc) regardless of its future importance.

Evernote is an app for everything. That’s both its greatest strength and weakness. But how does it help writers? Here’s a list of alternative writing apps.  How does Evernote help project managers? Basecamp and Slack are more effective at team communication and tracking milestones. Those tools are built into the software.

We invest years in programs that we think our indispensable until we build systems that are more tailored for us. Apps that specialize in certain needs fulfill those needs and render other programs unnecessary.

At the end of the day, we adopt the technologies that make us more efficient and evolve to our work demands.

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By Wells Baum

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