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Why we pursue distraction

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We pursue distraction because we don’t know what else to do with our time.

Social networking and TV (whichever boredom solution we prefer) is a gateway to instant happiness. Screen time leads to dopamine release and impedes our impulse control.

How to increase our focus

Focus means ignoring all the noise that makes your brain fat. It means turning off all push notifications on your phone. It means sitting down and slowing down with a blank paper or blank screen and sorting shit out from scratch.

“Every other Friday, I take a tech break by spending the day outlining ideas for new articles on regular old sheets of paper.” 

Gregory Ciotti

It’s impossible to see forward when our eyes gravitate to the nearest touch-screen. There’s even a black box on the treadmill. That rectangular glow will do anything to conquer our eyeballs. Enough already!

Here’s a good rule of thumb to remain productive and sane in the age of distraction: try to produce as much as we consume.  

Kids are tweeting and texting these days which means they’re writing more than ever, but is their prose any good? Quality comes from concerted effort and deliberate practice.

And that means making concerted efforts to break away the tyranny of screens.

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By Wells Baum

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