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Why You Procrastinate, The Legend of Genghis Khan, Apple Doesn’t Understand Photography, New Tunes, and More

Arts & Culture

Literature About Medicine May Be All That Can Save Us

Illness often gets lost in translation. The doctor-patient relationship comes down to clear communication. The doctor’s role is to understand the “arc of a patient’s history.” It’s no surprise, therefore, that some of best doctors (Hippocrates, Galen, Oliver Sacks, Atul Gawande) are not only empathetic, but they are also masters of language — they’re writers.

“Since Descartes we’ve had a tendency to believe that from the chin down we are just meat and plumbing … there is more to us than that … in some way we become aware when a valve is no longer working.”

Philosophy & Productivity

Ego is the Enemy: The Legend of Genghis Khan

Perhaps the greatest conqueror of all time was also an avid learner. Genghis Khan’s superpower was his ability to remain a lifelong student who absorbed the cultures and newest technologies of his expansive empire.

“It takes a special kind of humility to grasp that you know less, even as you know and grasp more and more.”

+ Why are people afraid of admitting their ignorance? Admit it: You don’t know.

The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through On What We Set Out to Do And What To Do About It

Much success comes from your ability to delay short-term gratification for a long-term payoff. The problem is that most people find it difficult to resist the pleasure of the present moment. I’m one of them, often social networking instead of writing my books. Fortunately, there are strategies for defeating this procrastination, also called Akrasia.

“Akrasia is the state of acting against your better judgment. It is when you do one thing even though you know you should do something else. Loosely translated, you could say that akrasia is procrastination or a lack of self-control. Akrasia is what prevents you from following through on what you set out to do.”

Social Media & Tech

The New Instagram Feed Is Ruining My Life

When it comes to things like music, I reject the algorithms out of the desire for self-discovery. However, when it comes to Facebook, the algorithm is good at showing me the most relevant stuff from my friends. Both the Instagram and Twitter algorithms need work though because they’re often out of context.

“Why did a picture of today’s sunrise appear in my feed before a picture of today’s sunset? This makes no fucking sense!”

Apple Doesn’t Understand Photography

How many of you use your phone’s camera to remember information on a sign, what you ate, or what song you just heard? All of these temporary images cram up your photo library. You could opt to use an app like Evernote instead, but that requires more thumb work. Perhaps Apple/Google need to develop more AI-driven image software to understand the difference between a potential Instagram versus captures used post-it notes. Indeed, these are first world problems.

“If Apple can detect a face in a photo it should be able to detect a receipt as well. If it can detect a selfie surely it can differentiate between ‘holiday photos’ and regular snapshots.”

Thought of the Week

“A lot of people have taste but they are not daring enough to be creative” – Bill Cunningham

New Music

Episode 92 | Tunes of the Week

  1. Sorceress – Teacups (Chaos In The CBD Paradise Mix)
  2. Midland – Decompression Suite
  3. Phil Tangent – Follow You
  4. Tessela – Up (Jackmaster DJ Kicks)
  5. Rodrigue Milien et son Groupe Combite Creole – Rapadou

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