Why you should take little bets

Why you should take little bets

Little bets are a way to explore and develop new possibilities. Specifically, a little bet is a low-risk action taken to discover, develop, and test an idea.

Peter Sims, Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries

All believing is betting. But the only way to know if something sticks is to throw it out there.

Your action doesn’t have to be perfect nor revolutionary. Everything is a rough draft. Your aim is to build up layers of ideas and receive preliminary feedback.

This blog is a little bet. I write every day just to see what resonates.

Most of the time I don’t hear anything back in return. Maybe my writing isn’t provocative enough. Maybe my ideas are too random and personal. Blogging equals thinking — it is a passport to freedom, a form of progress.

James Altucher won’t publish any blog posts unless he’s scared. I try to use the same rule of thumb: doubt and deliver!

Whatever your labor of love, you’ve got to test new material and be willing to fail. Risk keeps life interesting.

If you’re ever 50/50, just say yes and learn from your mistakes.

All life is an experiment.