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Email management is overwhelming. We’re constantly out of space and setting up automatic filters. It should be a game in which we get paid with points.

Jive Software is one company trying to come up with a solution for email 2.0. It’s offering a social business platform that is relevant to the way we now communicate: social.

Microsoft Outlook should be hustling to preempt Jive with its own version of social corporate email. But my gut tells me its version of a social platform looks like Gmail, a slightly more advanced version of email.

Gmail is the most advanced form of email to date offering Gchat, unlimited space, and video conferencing. A lot of startups use Gmail not only because but it’s cheaper but also because it speeds up communication. Gmail also allows for tons extra space and has a phone built in it.

If Jive can take Gmail elements and build them into a social design of feeds rather than a la carte email then it’s good to ship. Email’s future is about to get a whole lot more social.

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By Wells Baum

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