Work from Anywhere: The Passionate Nomad Worker

I used to be adamant about where I worked. It had to be a clean desk with a comfortable chair at home and at work.

But after working for a startup not tethered to a PC I got used to working everywhere on my laptop and mobile devices: standing up, sitting down in a coffee shop, on the train, plane, wherever. It didn’t care where I worked.

Today, I deliberately work in diverse places in order to sustain creativity. If I sit in the same place too long my ideas get stale.

I’ve got to move around. Each location offers something new, in sounds and sights inspiring connective layers to an incipient concept.

Ideas, great and simple, come from everywhere. Mobile phones allow us to collect ideas on the run and turn them into something as simple as a blog post, tweet, Instagram, or private thoughts buried in Evernote or in a Day One diary.

Above all, I can work everywhere because the place doesn’t matter. I just want to get stuff out. In fact, I’m writing this while walking on 5th Avenue on the way to work. Forget the stationery, clean desk.

Now I understand why my Dad never built an office at home. He’s a passionate nomad worker, like me.

My passions drive me to the typewriter every day of my life, and they have driven me there since I was twelve. So I never have to worry about schedules. Some new thing is always exploding in me, and it schedules me, I don’t schedule it. It says: Get to the typewriter right now and finish this. – Ray Bradbury

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.