Cold water courage

The quickest way to get used to cold water is to dive right in. The slowest and more painful way to get used to cold water is to go in gradually, dipping in each body part until it warms up.

Most people take the gradual approach because they’re scared. As a result, they’re most likely to pull out of the water because it’s just too cold.

But the slower we go, the more likely we're to quit

It takes a lot of courage to go all in with a big bang. The first few seconds can be numbing. But the Marines have a saying: “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” The shivers can only last so long. 

It's our job as humans to make leaps if we ever want to learn what it takes to push ahead. Start before we're ready, they say, and figure it all out afterward.

We’re all born naked, fish out of water. But it takes bravery to go back in and discover what it's all about.

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