The growing block theory of time

Time is simply blocks or slices of reality, added on top of one another. Writes C. D. Broad’s in his theory of time in 1923:  […] such a theory as this accepts the reality of the present and the past, but holds that the future is simply nothing at all. Nothing has happened to the present […]


Intensely watched, intensely remembered

Intensely watched, intensely remembered. It’s not the trouble-free we ought to pursue. It’s the challenge of a good idea. Instead of pushing through the messy middle, we dash to the nearest exit: answering another useless email. It’s the distractions that make us dumber. Like a blob of mercury, we are mentally stoned. The immediate response […]

Celebrate the story you tell yourself

You either fit in or strive to stand out. There’s promises in both approaches. You’re more likely to feel more secure in the first route as society rewards mimetic behavior. Every obedient dog gets a treat. Success is harder on the fringes. Whether you’re an iconoclast, a contrarian, a ‘weirdo’, or innovator, you can expect […]

Inconvenient truths

We live in a world where self-checkout is more painful than regular checkout, where Instagrammers risk their lives for the perfect pic, and where people hide behind their avatars to become trolls. Sure, a quick google yields all the answers. But the price for the latest convention is reduced comprehension. As soon as we hide, […]

You wield the paintbrush

The easiest way to get the failure out of your system is to bomb a few times so there’s less emotional baggage in the next endeavor. If your struggles persists and you can’t successfully mock the channels of other people, make your own. There’s a long-tail out there for everybody. Keep in mind that you […]

The important stuff is the ordinary stuff

The important stuff is often the ordinary stuff. It’s the small daily actions — like holding the door open for a random stranger or calling your family or friends to catch up — that have a profound impact on your well-being. Everyone wants to progress. But advancement can be selfish. It gets in the way […]


Hope is not a strategy. Hope is also a selfish emotion — we look it to bolster our well-being. Hope is convenient. It’s the nearest dopamine hit in a crowd of external placebos. But hope is sometimes all we got. It never capitulates. Good things take time and a lot of practice. Just don’t expect […]

The checklist of normal

“Everything is the way it is because it got that way,” said the British biologist D’Arcy Thompson in 1917. Cells and clustered neurons, people bloomed from individuals into the collective and back to weirdos again. The route to self-identity rolls like a sine wave, an inherent mimetic desire clashing against the laws of conformity. We […]

Live to work and work to live

We love to feel embattled because we like to think we labored for it. If we haven’t struggled, we haven’t yet lived. The urge to grind away at the remarkable supersedes trepidation. So we feel the fear and do it anyway. “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: No fear. I mean, really – […]

Regression in time

You’re part of an idea. So is every variety of human. One idea is that democracy is the best form of government. But we can’t hide its flaws. It still allows for bombastic celebrities to take charge. Humans are also part of nature. We are to climate change what the asteroid was to the dinosaur. […]

No one is normal

The environment that we live in intends to become a part of our mind. But there’s always a mismatch between who we know we are and what others expect us to be. Human beings are intricate. No one individual is alike. Mimetic thinking makes us feel worse, not better in the long-run. Conforming is like […]