Springing up in the heart

A gif of a heart flowing through the insides of the body

Whatever you find intrinsically motivating, you should probably do that. 

It may be discomforting at first, but the calling is too great to pass up. It’s better to invest your time and work hard in something you enjoy now rather than feeling stuck a decade later in something your indebted to for financial reasons.  

The career conundrum occurs when you’re young and easily influenced. Everyone follows in the footsteps of others because they just don’t know any better. Humans emulate. But one day the heart wakes up, the gas tank of courage fills up, and the soul needs driving.

Accept what you think you are and what you aspire to and become that. Environmental cues will try to lull you back into an autopilot mode of conformity but you’ll know better than to give in. 

Take inventory of your skills, ideas and ideals, and ignore the simulation. Follow your intuition and meet your whims halfway—such activity follows in the lighthouse of new opportunities.

gif by @xavieralopez