The strangeness of ordinary people

People are strange when you’re a stranger. The Doors There’s strangeness in ordinary people. They appear detached from the coming and going of their thoughts, lost in a banal inattentiveness. Undirected activity always leads astray. Shutting down the other direction to absorb one’s happy ignorance leads to a world of stuckness. To break down the […]

Japan’s lonely vending machines by Eiji Ohashi

Photographer Eiji Ohashi spent nine years capturing images of Japan’s vending machines on his late-night commutes home from work. “At the time, I was living in a town in the north of Japan that would get hit by terrible blizzards during the winter months. I’d drive my car in (these) conditions and use the light of […]

Giving birth to Gorillaz, taking too many photos, Facebook’s hegemony, and more

Arts & Culture When our culture’s past is lost in the cloud The inclination to record memories and share them go back to cavemen. Paper in particular has preserved our stories forever- an edited copy of Declaration of Independence is living proof. But in today’s world, there’s an abundance of information being shared in the […]

Atatürk, father of Turkey

Atatürk did it all. From the 1920s – 1930s he gave birth to modern Turkey and transformed its alphabet, culture, education, economy, and its freedoms for women. There’s even a day to celebrate kids only, April 23, much like Father & Mother’s Day. Walking through Ataturk’s memorial, you get the sense that he played the […]