No-makeup makeup

It’s easier to be oneself behind a mask to conceal the messy workings underneath.

But the shame in acting is suppressing the person that we are.

We can only mask our insecurity and vulnerability for so long until we yield to the unmasking powers of authenticity.

Honesty is liberating

There is no stage nor carousel of personas worth acting for that disguises our real identity.


Authenticity is its dominant contemporary expression. In a seemingly meaningless, inauthentic world awash in nonstop media reports of war, violence and inequality, we close our eyes and turn ourselves into islands. We may even say a little prayer to an obscure but benign Eastern goddess and feel some weak spiritual energy connecting everything as we listen to some tastefully selected ambient music. Authenticity, needing no reference to anything outside itself, is an evacuation of history. The power of now.

Simon Critchley
Productivity & Work Social Media Tech

Social networking is superficial

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We connect. We share. We comment and like often without telling why. We do all this digitally while avoiding real-world conversations.

Social networking is more or less superficial. It allows everyone to feel like their own celebrity, shouting to the world in self-praise and proclaiming expertise but rarely justifying it.

Just because we can be heard doesn’t mean we actually have something important to say or show.

The world still demands authenticity, less sharing and more doing. Actions always speak louder than words. Quality of work is scarce and therefore really noticeable if we can get it right.

We should prove our worth by actually doing something that others care about.