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It's easier to be oneself behind a mask to conceal the messy workings underneath.

But the shame in acting is suppressing the person that we are.

We can only mask our insecurity and vulnerability for so long until we yield to the unmasking powers of authenticity.

Honesty is liberating

There is no stage nor carousel of personas worth acting for that disguises our real identity.

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  1. Related ;):

    “A lot of people think that singers should always be sincere, that it has to be their own soul coming out. That’s b — — — -. What you’re really doing is working like a playwright. You’re making little plays and the singer is the lead character.”

  2. I’m exploring the idea that we’re all filled with different characters, who show up “on cue” when they’re called. It’s been an interesting approach to take. One, I’m less judgmental of them, and see them less as “me” and more as characters with roles they’re charged with playing. Some star; some are minor characters; some I keep so at bay they’re strangers. This is my blog on the idea. Just getting started.

  3. Agree, no one is completely mask-free especially in a world of the curated social media self.

  4. “Honest is liberating.” Always. Yet, we still have masks under masks.

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