What matters isn’t always popular

If you’ve ever published anything on the web you know what it’s like when all you hear are crickets. No likes, no comments, no reshares. You think your content sucks because no one’s acknowledging you. But it’s a misconception to sell your work short, especially if it’s your labor of love. There are 2.1 billion+ […]

“Are we going out or are we making things?”

There are two ways to get what you want: you either pay someone else for the finished good and get the satisfaction of instant delivery or you buy the individual components and spend the time making something yourself. The resistance/lizard brain always tells you should play it safe and just consume, especially if that shortcut […]

Create more than you capture

Listening is an essential part of learning. But then we need to do the work. Clarity comes from recreation. The only way to understand something is to redo it. Writing something out is a great way to summarize thoughts. There are also other ways to connect the dots: speaking out loud, mind-mapping, sketching, and walking […]

Producing for the masses

Making for the masses taints the quality of the product. The majority of the people appreciate what they get. They may even vote it up. Some people recognize the overt standardization and consume just to conform. It’s not worth tailoring a dish when it’s faster to eat what you’re served to survive. We live in […]

Late Discoveries

Overheard: “Once you make the New York Times the whole world news about it.” As much information there is on the Internet, we can’t know everything. The world is full of interesting places, people, and things that go undiscovered until a big publication like the NYTimes exposes them. Most people wait to be told about […]

Make culture, don’t just consume it

The balance between creation and consumption is lopsided: consumption wins out. But depending on how you consume, consumption can also be a time for curation and ideation. As I mention in my book, curation is another form of creativity. Twitter and Pinterest have made people art directors. Proctive consumption is also a way to discover […]