What Matters Isn’t Always Popular

What Matters Isn't Always Popular

If you've ever published anything on the web you know what it's like when all you hear are crickets. No likes, no comments, no reshares.

You think your content sucks because no one's acknowledging you. But it's a misconception to sell your work short, especially if it's your labor of love.

There are 2.1 billion+ people on the Internet. If you're writing, acting, or sharing your music someone's going to connect with you. They may be a fan, a teacher, or someone you admire within your scenius. But you're never going to appeal to everyone.

“The less reassurance we can give you the more important the work is.”

All social media is based on reassurance. That's why most Instagram content looks the same. If you want to guarantee success, you'll share photos of beaches, dogs, selfies, and food.

“We were raised to do things that work.”

But why not challenge sameness by trying something new? Go for some tension. Err on the side of being vulnerable if it means you get to make the stuff that makes you happy.

Unlike politics, creativity asks that you own up to being edgy, different. People that make change stand up and take responsibility for causing a ruckus.

“The internet could save your life because it'll keep you from a lifetime of being told what to do.”

Choose yourself. The rest follows.

All quotes above are from Seth Godin's most recent presentation. Watch it below.

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  1. Super interesting post! When I was creating my blog I thought a lot about this. Do I talk about what I truly want to talk about or what my readers will relate to? I’d like to think I’ve found some kind of a middle ground.

  2. Yeah it’s definitely a balance between what you know people will like versus what you think they’ll like. I think it’s a job the artist — whatever craft it is — to push every once in a while on the edges.

  3. I love this, pics of beaches, dogs and food. Although I do like those things… its hard when you content doesnt get the attention you think it will. but you have to kinda figure out how to fix it and move on with stuff your readers will enjoy

  4. “Choose yourself. The rest follows…” I LOVE this and your wise words!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. LOVE this! I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I want to be unique. Individual. Stand out. I figure, eventually I will be spotted and make it big, but until then; I am being me!

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