How to avoid the comparison bubble

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison bubble. You always want what we don’t have. You are incorrectly taught to copy, just as you’re erroneously taught to think in absolutes. Celebrate what makes you unique You should do what makes you unique. You should feel free to steal ideas from […]

You do you

A person can still retain their individuality within a group. If there are only two parties, two teams, etc., you have to choose the one that comes closest to your beliefs. Choosing sides does not necessitate absolute obedience, nor concede your uniqueness. When it comes to conformity, there will always be different levels of intensity. […]

People on the move

Following others is risky. Just yesterday I saw a man nearly get hit because he decided to follow the woman in front of him who was dashing across the street. At the next light, I saw the same situation, except this time the person following had their head down looking at their phone. Following others […]

It pays to be different

People complain about athletes, Hollywood actors, and CEOs making a lot of money. But their level of expertise and professionalism are scarce. You have to have unique skills and meet market demand to get paid big. The majority of us make less because we’re replicable and fungible; there’s always another person with the same skills. […]