The free-acting individual

acting individual

Anonymity is a blessing in disguise. There’s a lot of pretense in signaling past accolades.

Success in one role inhibits the other. People like to put gems in boxes to store them away for safekeeping down the road. But identities change, and plans evolve because people are elastic.

The great mismatch is how others perceive us versus who we know we are. The individual remains the most radical space of possibility. A single direction misleads and dilutes effort.

One wants diversification to be ONE of many to avoid being crushed inside by the perils of average. Certain states of soul are inimitable from robots.

Instead, what one wants is the combined relevance gained through exploration. No one ever regretted trying, as the effort typically leads to something else. From one interesting thing to the next, if only to prevent chasing sameness down the river for gold.