Ramming speed

We lean into inanition, surrounding ourselves with computers that accelerate information yet de-energize action in the physical world. We expect everything to be deliverable with a click. We consume more than we can handle. The next track, the next photo; we’re scrolling in a constant state of next and forget to appreciate the art. We […]


Reality Augmented

Images by Wells Baum A mirror shows us who we are. It doesn’t lie, reflecting blemishes and other imperfections. The phone’s screen is also a mirror, but one that’s used to project an edited version of ourselves. Selfies are customizable. The phone allows people to pinpoint the side of the face and angle that makes […]

Keep Ya Head up

Humans are meant to look up and be vigilant of their surroundings.  It’s a survival mechanism.  Now we stare into our phones, neck hunched over. Some people argue that this habit is no different than before. But carrying around paper and a handheld computer is different. You don’t walk and read a newspaper simultaneously but […]

Through the Looking Glass

We’re restless doing nothing. The thought of boredom leaves us scrolling through email and refreshing Facebook to the same updates. We crave new information, even if it’s useless, even if makes our brain fat. Technology hinders daydreams spontaneity. Instead of letting the mind wander in dull moments we fill it with screen time. Life, which […]

Good Tips

People pay for curation today, not the content. The content is cheap and mostly free. Apple just have away a U2’s new album. You can already stream any track you want on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Unless you’re reading the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal, there’s no paywall preventing you from getting free […]

Sunday Social Roundup

 Facebook plans to crack down on click bait, tweaking its algorithm to deemphasize crappy articles, most notably those from Buzzfeed.  This move is probably a reaction to the firestorm lit by Facebook itself earlier this year when its product director complained about the lack of quality content on Facebook.  Finally, Facebook is admitting fault.   […]

The wisdom of Devin Wenig

Nobody has an electricity department in their company; nobody has an Internet department anymore—although they did a few years ago. I suspect that within 24 months, no one will have a mobile strategy. They’ll just have an omnichannel, connected-screens strategy. What does “Omnichannel” mean anymore now that the analog and digital worlds have merged? Online/offline […]


Talking to someone online in chat, instant message, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. is equivalent to talking to them on the phone. These micro-conversations are how people keep in touch with friends and others without actually feeling obligated to see each other. I used to think it was the other way around. In high school, I got […]

‘Shoots from the hip’

He/she wings it, is unafraid to get dirty, takes chances on the go and in the moment. The beauty of shooting from the hip is its spontaneity. People that plan everything often end up with nothing. Sometimes people appreciate the raw, unfiltered output. At the end of the day, it’s all about the story right […]

Platforms of Choice

I always ask younger people their social network of choice just to make sure what the stats say match up with reality. Mobile First Almost 9/10 say Instagram is their primary network while Snapchat is used on occasion. Facebook goes unmentioned because it’s just part of everyday life, like reading the newspaper or checking email. […]

FaceTime and the Perils of Public Discourse

The theme of mobile open dialogue and Internet browsing is trending. I partly blame FaceTime and mobile video conversation for this emergence. As a daily train commuter, I see a lot of the ways people deal with technology. And by far the most invasive development of them all is FaceTime. FaceTime allows iPhone users to […]