Revolutionizing tomorrow

Enough schooling will kick the creativity out of you. What it doesn’t teach you is how to push ideas to completion. That comes within. The interested artist stops for nobody even if that means painting from memory, not life. Hyper-vigilant to blind spots, the curious maker is also looking to out-innovate themselves. Doing what your […]

The missing ingredient

The game is in our heads, not always in our hands. Like a skilled attuner we can produce ideas in a Ford production line and then pull back into idleness. If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy, we already have everything we need. The only missing variable is motivation and perhaps some WiFi. We know nothing […]

Looking for aim and purpose

Persistence is the key that separates the professional from the hobbyist. The professional does three things: He sticks to a strict schedule He completes the work, no matter the circumstances He progresses, listening to feedback and strengthening his weak points The professional devours aim and purpose. He is ok with banal routines as a means […]

The biggest productivity tip of 2019

The biggest productivity tip anyone can offer is to do it now. No more waiting, no more excuses, no more muses. The biggest productivity trap is to postpone, to wait until all conditions are ideal before getting started. Perfection is a recipe for disaster. Words mean nothing without action. Once you realize such a banal […]

One small change

Sometimes it is one small change that makes all the difference. And seeking it makes our aspirations feel alive. The alternative is adopting other people’s anxiety, locked into a cohesive occupied mind like a flock of sheep. When you go for it, you should expect to fail but learn a lot too. Escaping the treadmill […]

The courage to believe

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Faith drives action. Faith drives results. Without faith, nothing works. Indifference and pessimism are attractive because they’re the easiest to obtain, the most accessible to deploy and practice. “Ask yourself this: would your childhood self be proud of you, or embarrassed?” — Julien Smith, The Flinch Pursuing […]

The worst kind of regret is not living up to your ‘ideal self’

Lifehacker published an interesting piece on How to avoid a life of regret: According to psychologist Tom Gilovich, lead author on “The Ideal Road Not Taken,” published in the journal Emotion, our regrets that bother us the most involve failing to live up to our “ideal selves.” Basically, we’re not as bothered by the mistakes we’ve made or […]

How to avoid the comparison bubble

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison bubble. You always want what we don’t have. You are incorrectly taught to copy, just as you’re erroneously taught to think in absolutes. Celebrate what makes you unique You should do what makes you unique. You should feel free to steal ideas from […]

A still inchoate creator

The blank page doesn’t write itself. It stares at you, pleading for you to quit and move on to something else. Those who persist pace themselves into unfamiliar territory. A big bang does no artist any good. What matters is not the end result, but pushing through in a gradual approach. Creators strive for long-term […]