Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more info. In what is one of the biggest MasterClass courses yet, award-winning author Neil Gaiman teaches students how to create compelling plots, new characters, and bring unseen worlds to life. In 19 lessons, the world-renowned writer takes his students through his own philosophy on what […]

Don’t confuse social media with your diary

Authenticity is the bread and butter of developing an attractive online persona. People relate to users that share bits of their personal lives. But a lot of people confuse social media with their diary. The viewer cringes at over-admissions of vulnerability. Too much info! What followers want are real stories, not overly planned content, digital […]

Planning unscheduled time

Guess what? Your mind still works even when it’s doing nothing. The reason great ideas come to you in the shower is that your brain’s bored and relaxed. If you want to shake out even more ideas, therefore, it behooves you to disconnect more often. Instead of wasting cognitive energy at screens, just sit there […]

Why everyone should blog

Everyone should blog. You do not have to publish 500 words a day. You do not even need to post at all. In fact, writing comes easier when you can write for yourself, in private. Use a smartphone journal like the Day One app or the ever popular Morning Pages Journal where you write by […]

Ai Weiwei: Art through suffering

You can push a creative man into silence but all this does is fuel his creative output. China held artist and “dissident” Ai Weiwei in captivity for 81 days. He nearly died. Weiwei is now turning his jail time experience into a piece of art. For Weiwei, creative expression is more about storytelling than profit. […]