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What are we missing here?

We either open up possibilities for inquiry or close them.

The open-minded tend to include those around them. The shallow-minded prefer to isolate others as a means to an end. Such subjectivity halts the evolution of ideas.

“Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear.”

William James
‘Our view of the world is truly shaped by what we decide to hear’
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Attitude predetermines whether we discover facts and establish truth.

We put our minds in the world, shaped by the rhythm of nuance and complexity and weave it into a geometry of thought.

We never know for sure when the old world passes away and a new one begins.

All that’s certain are the infinitude of blind spots.

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The all-important gaze

Stuck in a default state of distractedness, we look away for the next magnetic clue.

As the gaze proceeds, a sense of familiarity comes to our aid to help us navigate our way in the world.

But most of it is just noise impeding the short-term incremental goals and long-term moon shots.

Stare at the world and your model

What we decide to pay attention to ultimately determines our lives.

So we might as well keep our eyes on the entire donut, not just the donut hole.

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What imprints the outlook

You have to cultivate everything: awareness, happiness, aloofness, sadness, the yin, and yang.

Nothing comes naturally, although genetics are known to preprogram our inclinations. 

People are constantly surveying, digesting the world around them. So they must also decide what sticks and what doesn’t.

Inner and outer feelings express themselves as lifestyles. Fashioning one as an outsider gives them their edge. Being an insider gives one all the answers.

Humans signal their desires and struggles. A lousy sleeper wears their restlessness on them the next day.

When the try becomes a habit, the unconscious controls take over. The body is in concert.

Shaggy but sure — that’s when you know that the desired perspective is a part of you.

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Balancing opposites

Animation of frogs trying to balance each other out

Settle into the system or shake it up. Pursue happiness or devour tranquility.

Expect disruption or create your own law of contrast. Strive for greatness or let go and let God. 

Chase power or be your best self. Maximize productivity or step away from the grind.

There’s an inverse relationship between forcing something to happen and actually achieving it. When you take your foot off the gas and relax a little, that’s when things to start to open up. 

“When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink; but when you try to sink, you float’ and that ‘insecurity is the result of trying to be secure.”

Alan Watts
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‘How very odd it was to live your life so decisively’

In fact, he really wasn’t open to possibilities at all, now that she thought about it. How very odd it was, she thought, to live your life so decisively, to be so sure of how everything should be, as if everything in life was black and white instead of various shades of gray.

Karen McQuestionA Scattered Life 

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Do you see movement? 👁️

“Soon after we can see, we are aware that we can also be seen. The eye of the other combines with our own eye to make it fully credible that we are part of the visible world.”

— John Berger, Ways of Seeing

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One and multiple realities

Things don’t come out of nowhere. They are found. It is only in our search for them through our curiosity goggles that we stumble upon something with awe and make another connection. Eureka–there’s another idea!

Reality is already augmented. We interpret a world of manifest information. Virtual reality is merely an extension, an exaggeration bordering non-fiction, of that experience. But it too is real, exposing its own bits and bytes.

There’s a physical space and digital space. But they’re increasingly becoming one of the same.

“Within a decade or two I’m sure we’re going to have virtual reality that begins to be, visually and auditorily at least, indistinguishable from worlds like ours. Some things are going to be harder: the role of the body, hunger, thirst, sex, birth, death. Some things are going to take a while to build into virtual reality, but I suspect within a century there will be Matrix-style virtual reality, which is more or less indistinguishable from our kind of reality.”

Read The Mind Bleeds Into the World

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Perspective is subjective

Everything starts with a critique. But often the interpretation is half-baked. Chinese characters are “thought pictures,” looking outside the train makes “pictures on a wall.

Perspective is subjective, “everything everywhere from the beginning until now.”

Some things are untranslatable, best consumed in their original format.

Read A Magician Of Chinese Poetry


Space and Time

We don’t need more space, nor do we need more time. Everybody gets their own room and the same 24 hours a day to operate.

Yet we complain. We make excuses for remaining dissatisfied.


Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. – Viktor E. Frankl


The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is. – C. S. Lewis

No place nor accomplishments are ever large enough to satisfy the urge of an ambitious person. In order to curb desire, we have live large with the things we already have and the things we think we can get.


Dream to Read

What you read is as just as important as what you experience. Reading fiction permits the mind to let go of reality and envision fantasies. Reading non-fiction forces the mind to grapple with harsh realities.

The reading mind makes no difference between real world and the make-believe. Words create visualizations that the mind conceives as conscious dreams.

Reading inspires you to experience the real-world in order to validate what you read. But sometimes it’s better to live vicariously through the pages. Reading is an experience all by itself.