What imprints the outlook

You have to cultivate everything: awareness, happiness, aloofness, sadness, the yin, and yang. Nothing comes naturally, although genetics are known to preprogram our inclinations.  People are constantly surveying, digesting the world around them. So they must also decide what sticks and what doesn’t. Inner and outer feelings express themselves as lifestyles. Fashioning one as an […]

Balancing opposites

Settle into the system or shake it up. Pursue happiness or devour tranquility. Expect disruption or create your own law of contrast. Strive for greatness or let go and let God.  Chase power or be your best self. Maximize productivity or step away from the grind. There’s an inverse relationship between forcing something to happen and actually achieving […]

‘Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else’

‘Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.’ — Leonard Da Vinci Read more about Leonardo Da Vinci on the blog: Why Leonardo da Vinci wrote backward The undivided mind Leonardo Da Vinci: Thinking with an extra wrinkle in the brain ‘Water is itself the obstacle to water’ Study of five grotesque heads, […]

One and multiple realities

Things don’t come out of nowhere. They are found. It is only in our search for them through our curiosity goggles that we stumble upon something with awe and make another connection. Eureka–there’s another idea! Reality is already augmented. We interpret a world of manifest information. Virtual reality is merely an extension, an exaggeration bordering […]

Perspective is subjective

Everything starts with a critique. But often the interpretation is half-baked. Chinese characters are “thought pictures,” looking outside the train makes “pictures on a wall.” Perspective is subjective, “everything everywhere from the beginning until now.” Some things are untranslatable, best consumed in their original format. Read A Magician Of Chinese Poetry