On criticism

The doer wants acknowledgment for their work. They want people to scream their hosannas. But criticism is democratic. Not everyone likes Radiohead’s last album. Every Trump tweet draws liberal contestants. Where you fall in the Messi versus Ronaldo or Jordan versus Lebron debate could be a preference based on your birth date. Opines literary critic […]

Keep them guessing

They say write to be understood. But what’s the point in spelling it all out? It doesn’t hurt to make an obscure reference here and there to keep the reader guessing. Said author Jonathan Franzen in lunch with the Financial Times: “I think you have to have a few things that you have to kind […]

Rough around the edges

Things are more interesting and potentially more truthful around the edges. This applies to anyone, from politicians to musicians. Politicians that speak the truth become outsiders. But politicians who abuse the ‘outsider’ status to pander to populist voters squander their authenticity. They can be as thoughtful as Bernie Sanders or as morally corrupt and downright offensive as Trump. Truth is in […]

Why Seth Godin opts out of social media

Writer’s block is a fallacy, according to Seth Godin. You just write bad sentences and bad ideas until you something good to play with. After all, whoever got talker’s block? Seth’s thoughts on social media are also thought-provoking and to the point. If you listen to his latest interview with Brian Koppelman, you’ll hear Seth […]

Radiohead introduces set with Nina Simone

Radiohead kicked off their US tour last night in NYC to promote their new album A Moon Shaped Pool.  They opened with a snippet from a 1968 interview with Nina Simone: “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: No fear. I mean, really – no fear.” Radiohead, like Prophets of Rage (aka Rage Against […]

The music industry’s digital revolution

Vinyl, cassette, CD, Minidisc, MP3, streaming — the music industry has always been evolving with technology. However, the Internet shattered the major label complex. Previously, the record labels owned the record and could do whatever they wanted with it, profiting from the majority of the royalties. “The most important thing for a record company is […]