Story unbridled

Make yourself not begin. Keep postponing your creative impulses until you store up some more thinking. The forest always hides secrets. When you keep gathering string, the variables appear endless. But the extra attending is crucial. The unbridled story is no longer a diversion when it becomes destiny. Once the end of the rope ceases […]

Do more work and less research

Go through your scrapbook, Moleskine, Evernote every once in a while and cross patterns and connect the dots. Instead of doing more research, review the notes you’ve taken to date. The big idea exists not in the next article you read but in how you tie together everything you’ve collected to date. What are the […]

News You Can Use

You may read the news to stay up-to-date on current events or to conduct research. You probably get your news from multiple sources including social networks, online newspapers/magazines, or blogs. The plethora of resources can be overwhelming. But no matter where and how often you consume the news, the only thing that matters is how […]

How Have Tools Like Google and YouTube Changed the Way You Work?

“Rely too heavily on the first entry that comes up on Google, and there’s a good chance you’ll get it wrong.” The Internet is a huge rumor mill. Only the primary sources can authenticate information, or can they (re: Philip Roth)? You may also like: