Probing the information bubble


The reporter gathers string. The student collects artifacts. The interested are hunter-gatherers of information. They play life by the ear to bring the art of noticing to a world of scant attention.

Blankness exerts its control. Zero thoughts, zero neurochemical flocks — where “staying informed” is merely for entertainment.

That vital urge to research is what drives the bonus context. Therein lies the curator who cuts YouTube videos into manageable slices, DJs with some transcendent purpose that goes beyond merely retweeting it back on the feeds.

There is a place for aggregated and practical knowledge that offers more depth than fancy-looking equations that go beyond common sense.

The creator dreams of an empire of originality. The bulk of output flows from what we understand, gleaning information for what is specific and eternally valuable.

We make meaning by carefully probing the information bubble.