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How to avoid the comparison bubble

How to avoid the comparison bubble

It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison bubble. You always want what we don’t have. You are incorrectly taught to copy, just as you’re erroneously taught to think in absolutes.

Celebrate what makes you unique

You should do what makes you unique. You should feel free to steal ideas from other people and build on top of them. Don’t just copy-paste.

The worst nightmare will be looking back on your efforts and thinking we you just couldn’t be yourself.

Being different, standing out, is what should push you on.

If you need more encouragement:

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The unique shall inherit the Earth

There are three ways to stand out and be remembered:

  1. Be so good that they can’t ignore you.
  2. Be so interesting that they can’t ignore you.
  3. Be so unique that they can’t ignore you.

Talent is usually enough, but everyone can take a great picture. Technology and the internet leveled the playing field.

Grabbing attention can be fleeting. Remember the digital tenet that new things get consumed and forgotten.

But what cements you in someone else’s memory is acting remarkably daring and different.

In a world of masses, it pays to go micro. But the loopholes in individuality are getting smaller and smaller.

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You are the one and only

les-anderson-164520 (1)

“Go out into the streets of Paris and pick out a cab driver. He will look to you very much like every other cab driver. But study him until you can describe him so that he is seen in your description to be an individual, different from every other cab driver in the world.”

Guy de Maupassant on the process of finding specific uniqueness in everybody, everything.

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Everyone wants to be extraordinary, unusually remarkable, yet most people choose to be extra ordinary because it’s easier and less risky.

There’s nothing wrong with being normal except that it’s boring. Do you like dry toast?

You have to decide. Do you want to blend in with the crowd or do you want to stand out? Your life will probably be easier if you just follow protocol. But you’ll certainly go unnoticed.

Everyone is born extraordinary. It’s the pressure of conformity, of joining a college frat or being a lawyer or a banker, that gouges out all personality.

Phonetically, “extra” ordinary sounds like extraordinary. So you might as well act like your ordinary self, which is just being you.


Scary to be ordinary

  • Show your quirks
  • Embrace individuality
  • Practice creativity

It’s not you’re fault you are who you are and everybody else feigns to be the same. But being different has its own costs: loneliness, misinterpretation, and ridicule. You can’t be like other people because you’re too damn honest.

The easiest people to please will always be others. The hardest person to please will always be yourself. You just have to choose if you want to be ordinary and mediocre or different and significant.


“The most dangerous phrase in the language is…

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is, “We’ve always done it this way.”

— Admiral Grace Hopper

Sameness destroys creativity.