Stimulate the imagination

Presence is about more than chasing mindfulness. It’s also about pulling intelligence from the heart. It is possible to know something before asking how you know it. You don’t analyze a morning breeze; it feels like an extension of the imagination. Think less, not more, to unlock the unconscious and get out of your own […]

The courage to tweet

something provocative without the need to offend something digestible that others can relate to something that everyone else is thinking about but not bold or articulate enough to say You don’t need permission to tweet. You just need the courage to say what’s on your mind in the most succinct way possible. The simple truths […]

Blogging types

There are three types of blogging: Fast – Twitter Medium – Tumblr/Medium Slow – WordPress Twitter is a micro-blog because you write in a succinct 140 characters or less to get your message across. Naturally, Twitter is for breaking news and conversation. Tumblr is a bit slower then Twitter. The feed is lighter and the […]