The mind is a kite

Think about a purple cow, a rainbow-striped zebra, or a dog driving a pick-up truck. Now try to jettison those images from your mind. Mull over why you’re happy and you may cease feeling so. The process of getting stuck and unstuck originates from the same internal wiring. The unexpected unwanted variable always stings with […]


Memory is not the enemy of creativity

Great find by Alan Jacobs from the book The Craft of Thought by Mary Carruthers, where it’s pointed out that medieval culture emphasized memorization as means of innovation. The orator’s “art of memory” was not an art of recitation and reiteration but an art of invention, an art that made it possible for a person to act […]

Stimulate the imagination

Presence is about more than chasing mindfulness. It’s also about pulling intelligence from the heart. It is possible to know something before asking how you know it. You don’t analyze a morning breeze; it feels like an extension of the imagination. Think less, not more, to unlock the unconscious and get out of your own […]


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