The mind is a kite

The mind is a kite

Think about a purple cow, a rainbow-striped zebra, or a dog driving a pick-up truck. Now try to jettison those images from your mind.

Mull over why you’re happy and you may cease feeling so.

The process of getting stuck and unstuck originates from the same internal wiring. The unexpected unwanted variable always stings with a force of awareness. Now try this:

Here’s an interesting trick to try: let your arm dangle but continue to think about swinging it in a controlled way without actually doing it. You will notice that your arm does not dangle as freely. You really do have to let the associated mind states go, a trick many uptight people never learn, which makes them poor learners overall. If you can’t let go, an instructional process cannot take over.

Why We Slouch by Venkatesh Rao

The gravitational force of paradoxes always flies the mind in different directions, it the unconquerable stick of our intentions.