Angels with dirty faces

If you want to be more optimistic, close your Twitter account. Bad news is addicting. But don’t completely bury your head in the sand. No one acts in public like they do on social media. People say whatever they want online because they’re shielded behind a mobile screen. Go to the grocery and the sick-spitting […]


Twitter = High School

The impulsiveness, the cliques, the gossip, and the ego — the Twitter cesspool can be fun, entertaining, and darn-right toxic. Unlike Instagram, Twitter brings out the worst in people through the abuse of words. In short, it is ‘The High School We Can’t Log Off From.’ Writes New York Times columnist Jennifer Senior: A few […]

Types of cognitive bias

The race to the bottom begins when what you think you know, you know. I am once again reminded of this Seth Godin quotes from [easyazon_link identifier=”1591845335″ locale=”US” tag=”wells01-20″]All Marketers Are Liars[/easyazon_link]: The best stories don’t teach people anything new. Instead, the best stories agree with what the audience already believes and makes the members […]

Blame the humans, not the bots, for retweeting false news

According to research done by data scientists at MIT, it is humans, not bots, which disseminate false news. The study began with the 2013 Boston bombings when Twitter spread inaccurate rumors about the aftermath of the events. The three authors of the study then took it upon themselves to dig deeper into the fake news […]

Working against attention residue

Going to work to answer emails won’t make you a better emailer, just as another five minutes on Twitter won’t improve your social networking game. Email, Twitter, and incoming messages drain our cognitive fitness. Continuous partial attention fragments our mind and impedes deep thought, which is at the core of doing meaningful work. How are we alive […]

I stopped thinking in tweets

because it wasn’t the game I wanted to play because I wanted to synthesize my thoughts on my blogs and share my discoveries in a comprehensive newsletter because I didn’t want to think in 140 characters because I wanted to read more books because I decided to do something more durable, i.e. write another book […]

Twitter me this, Twitter me that

Twitter is a strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It drives both optimism and pessimism at the same time. It foretells the future, flashing signs of progress along with inevitable doomsday. One tweet can drive markets and shift national conversations. Most Twitter users are consumers that use it to discover great content and […]

What’s next?

What’s next? Are we over the smartphone boom and the newest social networking app already? We live in a ‘next’ society. We need something new every couple months. As the chips get faster, so too do our consumption habits.  We long to get over what’s staring us in the face so we can move on to […]

Twitter’s soul decay

Rumor has it that no one–neither Microsoft, Disney, Salesforce, nor Google–wants to acquire Twitter. The common fear though is that the ‘media company’ as we know it today is going to change regardless of its new owner. Ditto your Amazon books and music unless you own hard copies. — Wells Baum (@bombtune) October 16, […]

This professor describes the future educated person

Dear digital denizens, please rest easy. That so-called ‘internet addiction’ you have is an evolution of what humans have been doing along — curating, collecting, and sharing. We just do it with more often with the assistance of our screens. According to professor Kenneth Goldsmith at the University of Pennsylvania, “an educated person in the […]

Sunday Social Roundup

Facebook is following in the footsteps of Snapchat and exploring expiring content. Finally, Facebook realizes that competing against Snapchat with Slingshot is a waste of time. People just want additional popular features in the existing Facebook, not entirely new apps. Apple introduced the iPhone 6, 6+, and it’s Smart watch this week. I went ahead […]

Sunday Social Roundup

Your iCloud is hackable. A bunch of celebrity nude selfies appeared this week on 4Chan. Anything in the cloud should require [two factor authentication](Dave pogue tweet), whatever that means. Now you easily convert any YouTube video into a GIF. Excuse me: I’ll be putting together a compilation of Michael Jordan dunks and posting them on […]