The creator’s secret sauce


As creators, we strive for the highest quality of experience. We like to enter an imaginative zone and let the energy pour out when we get to work. 

Some make for the audience, others craft without the intention of succeeding — complete freedom. Both parties can produce the unpredictable and still break the mold. 

We are lucky to have this time to hold the tools of Gods in our hands. The computer — that bicycle of the mind — and the internet — that flattener of the world — are enablers that few could fathom. 

Yet, how easy it is to become the tools of our tools.

Artificial intelligence is a potential glitch in mental software, as we destroy our natural thinking muscles for the sake of assistance and speed. A machine based on the human brain seeks only the obvious angles. It also mistakenly acts out the worst of mankind, whether through mass formation psychosis or through a deliberate trip in the wires.

The future wants to see what we can make with our little hands, from code and pixels to hardware. Patient with results, impatient with action, the field is always available to those who reason from first principles.  

How to invent something new? For starters, play with what we’ve got. Resourcefulness, curiosity, pertinacity, uniqueness — these are some ingredients that may one day save the world from digital dystopia.