Head to head ➡️ 🧠 ⬅️

There are two people living inside our heads, one left brained and analytical and the other right brained and more free-flowing and creative. Together, they work in harmony. Of course, we also have a third piece of our brain that spaces out. Daydreams are moments that spark the foundation of new ideas, where the subconscious […]


Do you want to drive the car or polish it?

Do you want to drive the car or polish it? That’s the metaphor best-selling author Karl Ove Knausgaard uses to cure writer’s block. Writes Quartzy: “Writer’s block, to the extent it exists, stems from a suspicion that your work may not be great, and a reluctance to face that fact. When you’re always polishing the […]

‘When I wrote ‘Fahrenheit 451’ I hated book burners and I loved libraries. So there you are’

“When I wrote ‘Fahrenheit 451’ I hated book burners and I loved libraries. So there you are.” Ray Bradbury

Take the information you need and throw it away

There it was, knocking at the door of imagination and begging us to take it for a walk. The mistake we all make is assuming we have all the information we already need. After all, Google spits up all the answers. But just because every grade school has an art class doesn’t ensure that the […]

The language of art

Poems are made of sound. Photos conjure up words. Creators, like linguists, endeavor to translate their work into narratives that make sense. Artists are storytellers just as much as they are makers. They spend some time consuming content but more time recreating it, recasting their influences, inspirations, and identity into their work. To be in […]

When originality fails

We discover our uniqueness through failed conformity. We’re not here to follow. We’re meant to bend standard practices in strange and wonderful directions. Thinking different is the ultimate motivator. It carves us into individuals. We just have to remember that that’s who we are, purple cows instead of mindless little robots. “Originality consists of trying […]

When in doubt…

Let your art make the rounds. Don’t hide it. Don’t try to be everywhere. Pick a place and be consistent. Rules are recommendations. Feel free to break them, recast, and remix them. Rest when you’re underperforming. Don’t quit. The muse is nonexistent. Inspiration is bunk. Habit is a bicep curl for the brain. I hope […]

Fighting inertia

Stock phrases, a detailed script, a prescription for exactitude. Imagine how boring life would be if you already knew its outcome. It’s the routine that subverts our days into yesterday’s form, responding to emails in our head. Sameness destroys creativity. How can we fight inertia? We take risks, do the unpredictable, anything to keep the […]

Collecting references

Without knowledge, it’s hard to be curious. We need reference points to make connections and inspire deeper thinking.  Give a teenager a car and a detailed Google Map, but unless they’ve got some training, they are going to increase the likelihood of an accident. Give a kid some crayons and some looseleaf paper, but without […]

A guide to art

Art is the ability to get lost and navigate by the gut. Art is teachable but its answers require no education at all. Art is the act of perpetual innovation. Art is expression on canvass, a business product, a speech, and countless other remarkable creations. Art is controlled randomness, a collection of disparate things. Art […]

Leonardo’s strange faces

There’s an excellent piece in the NY Times about Leonardo Da Vinci’s obsession with drawing weird faces: Leonardo was a true Renaissance man, fascinated with everything — the mechanics of flight, architecture, engineering, botany, artillery and human anatomy — but one of his favorite private pastimes was to draw faces, either as scribbles in the […]