Unleash the amateur

To begin again, to unleash the amateur.

Starting was never a problem when you were a kid. But somehow through adulthood, you learned to criticize failure. So you stopped trying new things altogether to avoid ridicule.

People start to specialize in their teens. The math-inclined go on to become accountants. The liberal arts majors venture into marketing and writing. Another group of folks blend skillsets to become architects and entrepreneurs.

But why stop there?

You should feel free to continue mixing and matching a plurality of different professions and hobbies. Take on learning for the sheer joy of it, not just for strutting stuff you’re good at on Instagram.

Groupthink says to stay put and adopt an ego because it feels safe. But it’s far more fun to take chances. Cease the fight for definition and feel free to chase the whims of what’s interesting.

Once you discover a way of life you’re passionate about and ignore the rigid paths that others assign for you, everything else seems to fall into place.