Without a positive doubt

Without a positive doubt

Thinking is the process of juggling with active uncertainty. Thinking is hard because it requires the mind to search for clarity in a sea of indifference.

The mind impedes itself, as it’s the source of all the information we seek to find. It is nearly impossible to control; the brain elides into a blob of mercury.

Regardless of what we see, the inner monologue is what one becomes. Interpretation predetermines outlook. Imagine all the countless micro-calls people make throughout the day that rests on the pillars of perspective.

Is she more content in sunshine or shades of grey? The ability to choose one attitude over another at any moment is a matter of free will.

As a bewildering mixture of people, the antenna of attention varies. Some see beauty in the chaos and exude frustration in simplicity. Others are delighted but worried. There is even contentment amidst struggles and sadness.

Without a positive doubt, a basket of mental conditions exists, rendering a wall of worry and excitement.

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