A blank screen, an external reality

A blank screen, an external reality. To project oneself as an influencer of good.

The unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1969 — but is it masked by the gig economy?

The side gig wants to survive in a world rather than know it. Instant gratification is the latest raison d’être. But it also comes with financial gain — selfies put food on the table.

Writes Rosie Spinks for Quartz:

“The internet influencer is the apotheosis of all this striving, this modern set of values taken to its grotesque extreme: Nothing is sacred, art has been replaced by “content,” and everything is for sale”

There’s no surprise that in this culture of meness is a whole lot of sameness. Such simple thinking gets amassed and deduced to pictures on a retina wall.

So we keep slouching, in the hopes that a little text neck prods us beyond permanent mediocrity.