Aggregating sources

GIF of picnic box with wine bottle and popcorn coming out

You’ve got to taste the wine yourself, build your own record collection, and collect your own artifacts. You can’t afford to outsource these experiences to others if you want to be original and develop your own taste.

Whether it’s other human teachers or machines, having all the answers delivered to your doorstep of knowledge hinders your own innovation. The real you is ready to burst and explore with all childlike enthusiasm.

Knowing is only intimidating because education is infinite. But the more information you consume the more things you can weave and wrap together. The variety of resources both complexify and simplify your thinking.

One can specialize in being a generalist instead of resorting to the factory settings of mastering a single task. The badge of curiosity allows one to float with the wind in a sea of ambiguity and possibility.

Wonderful things happen in the face of attacking uncertainty and ignorance. More the reason to gather both more experiences and more resources to expand the perspective.

art by @maorisakai