Why you should build your own blog

Why you should build your own blog

The best thing about blogs is that they offer alternative thoughts. Unlike traditional publishers, a blogger is typically an individual who presents a unique, honest, and fresh opinionated perspective unmoored from the rules and requirements of journalistic prose.

Blog posts are typically shorter, lighter, and more digestible. They can get to the point in just a few sentences and paragraphs. Blogs are longer than 280 characters but short enough to consume in a minute.

To blog is life

Building your own blog is like owning your own piece of land on the web. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—you own your words. You’ll also take responsibility for them, which helps increase your confidence. By showing your work, you’ll inspire yourself and prime the pump to the life you want.

Blogs also act as tools for making other stuff. They are building blocks, ensuring the well never runs dry with ideas and rough sketches abound as you keep creating up for that breakthrough. There’s no reason not to start a blog, especially when services like WordPress and Tumblr allow you to make one for free.

As we seek to do things we care about, the blog is often the backbone to fueling our efforts. You just have to give yourself permission to start one.