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Clash of civilizations

America and Western Europe have stagnated while China dives into its newfound riches.

Ethnic nationalism is on the rise while the liberal globalist elite does nothing to stem the tide, too occupied in complaining about the ‘deplorables’ on their devices while ordering more wine from Amazon and posting selfies on Instagram.

The myth that no two countries with McDonald’s refuse to fight each other appears to be just that. Realism is back, manifesting itself through the whims of protectionism.

Are we doomed to conflict?

Not necessarily. It is in these moments that pessimism and inventiveness coexist.

Wrote British historian Thomas Babington Macauley in 1830:

“We cannot absolutely prove that those are in error who tell us that society has reached a turning point, that we have seen our best days. But so said all before us, and with just as much apparent reason . . . On what principle is it that, when we see nothing but improvement behind us, we are to expect nothing but deterioration before us?”

We can get out of this rut. Doom and gloom is the end all for worrying times. Tribalism can be cured, as can the negative aspects of nationalism.

There is a good side to bad problems that expose a weakness in the international order. But instead of whining in our own filter bubbles, we can use the moment to cushion against discontent.

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By Wells Baum

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3 replies on “Clash of civilizations”

I honestly believe that the only way we are doomed to any outcome is if we focus on being doomed. An out-stretched hand of friendship and the willingness to be fair and generous with our neighbors is often the best solution to any conflict. Of course, this is assuming that both parties come to the table with a willingness to achieve peace. Obviously, history has shown us that there are times when we end up dealing with those who are unreasonable, greedy, dishonest and aggressive and in those times there seemed to be no option but to defend ourselves.

I would like to think that conflict may someday be overcome and I remain optimistic that the time will come when we will finally realize that we are brothers and sisters and there is enough and to spare in the world when we are wise and diligent stewards of available resources. Until then, I refuse to live my life in fear, even knowing what is happening in the world.

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