Despite all the rage

despite all the rage

Expression isn’t always vocal. It bleeds inexorably into other avenues of creativity.

Take the painter, for instance. Some prefer to let the paintbrush and canvass do all the talking. The same actionable output can be said for writers, cartoonists, coders, architects, athletes, etc.

Life often manifests itself in a piece of art. All one’s optimism and disappointment get entangled into a froth of patterns fraught with mixed or stark colors.

In times of creative paralysis, the output can be pure chaos, less dependent on preferences, and more explicitly playful. Frustration can mistakenly tiptoe into a stretch zone. One keeps going, perhaps, even more, when they feel overloaded.

Put all your rage and madness into your work and live as orderly a life as possible.

Gustave Flaubert

The craft is part coping mechanism and part exercise machine. The process of making art shakes us out of the banality of life and ignites a wholehearted presence through a form of externalized self-talk. The trapeze performer can’t afford to be half-awake.

The work is a form of therapy that speaks for itself. Art, as expressed in many different forms, is how we reclaim our mind when spoken words won’t do.