About those light bulb moments

gif by @benny-box

Ideas spawn as soon as you stop thinking about them, and only after you experimented and done your research. After the work’s been done, the best thing you can do is allow your ideas to bake. Sleep on them. Turn your focus to something else while your brain connects all the neurons and turns them into thoughts.

Turning off your brain is just as important as turning it on. Ideas emerge when you stop thinking and step away from the work. If you can’t step away from the day to day, you’ll never let the mind wander into different things that may offer the missing piece to your solution.

When you let go of thinking and do nothing on purpose, thinking finds you. It finds you in the shower, in the gym, or in the car. Eureka! Therefore, persist with careful patience and take caution of the frantic always-on obsession with 21st-century internet buzz.

How to ideate:

  1. Pick an idea.
  2. Put in some work. Experiment.
  3. Let your brain sit on your experience and connect the dots.

For some people, letting go of an idea is just a stepping stone to the next one. It’s rare for anyone to succeed in capturing their first and exact intent.