Stress test

Stress test

Stress is the great equalizer and our biggest distractor. It is worse than a sting from the ludic loop, mere fodder for over-thinking.

But we can dampen its attentive nature. We can do things to get unstuck from the chaos of the monkey mind. The quickest mood modulator could be a psychedelic to reset the state of consciousness. But that’s unlikely. We shouldn’t have to medicate our problems away.

A more realistic and organic opiate is to exaggerate the stress trigger by incubating it to a standstill. Think about anything enough, and one gets bored. How long can one replay the mental movie without falling asleep or wanting to move on with the business of living? After all, we’ve got stuff to do.

The anxiety headache brings us to the second option. Doing or worrying about something else is also a vehicle for rebooting the internal wires. We are too busy to get caught in robotic old forms when we can exert voluntary attention to another external component.

Stress, doubt, anxiety are all breakable, proof that humans can work mind magic to solve their problems.