We need the prodding

We need the prodding, we need Mom’s extra push. If it weren’t for other people like Mom, Dad, a coach, brother, or teacher advising us what we should do, important experiences and future cues would go missing. This is not to say that following advice is a prerequisite to success. For one, instructions are subjective […]


‘Intention without action is an insult to those who expect the best from you’

Despite popular belief to the contrary, there is absolutely no power in intention. The seagull may intend to fly away, may decide to do so, may talk with the other seagulls about how wonderful it is to fly, but until the seagull flaps his wings and takes to the air, he is still on the […]

Pulitzer-prize winning novelist Jennifer Egan shares her three rules for writing

In her book Why We Write (Amazon), 2011’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jennifer Egan shares three writing tips for aspiring writers: Number two is my favorite piece of advice. Writing is like a muscle that needs to be worked out again and again, kind of like brushing your teeth. After you establish the habit, you should feel a bit empty […]

‘What art-MAKING advice would your older-self give your younger-self?’

Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine Jerry Saltz posed an interesting question to fellow creators on Instagram: What art-MAKING advice would your older-self give your younger-self? I’ll start with three. 1. Let go of being smart; don’t dismiss any idea as too dumb. 2. Bring the crazy. 3. Change the ways you use of making […]

26 letters, 26 doubts

Do we really need a plan A or plan B when there are so many other letters left in the alphabet to try out? It doesn’t matter how many times it takes you. 26 letters, 26 doubts. From petty arguments to politics, do we really need to be right all the time? Rightness is a […]

Not so fast 💨

We consume, drop, and run, looking forward to the next piece of music, article, or person to date. We say we want to be successful, but we’re not willing to put in the work nor take responsibility for any hiccups along the way. We want everything yesterday without spending the time to chew on our […]

The World According to Garp

Below is an excerpt from John Irving’s 1978 novel The World According to Garp: Garp threw away his second novel and began a second novel. Unlike Alice, Garp was a real writer—not because he wrote more beautifully than she wrote but because he knew what every artist should know: as Garp put it, “You only […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life advice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second woman to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court of the United States. Below are a few inspirational excerpts from her New York Times article ‘Advice for Living,’ as adapted from her forthcoming book My Own Words. Her life’s advice is a continuation of what others told her […]

7 articles to read this weekend

I spend my Saturday mornings catching up on the articles I Instapaper throughout the week. Below are some of the more provocative ones that inspired me to think differently. May they challenge you as well. 1. This is a tpyo Writers can get so obsessed with connecting ideas and building proper sentences that they have […]

Blair Small : BSP Training

Blair Small is an entrepreneur, musician, and photographer based out of New York City. He’s also one of my best friends so I’m happy to feature him as the first guest on this blog. Who are you and what do you do? I am Blair Small. I’m a personal trainer, a wedding photographer and a […]