They took our jobs 🤖

In the 1920s, Hoover marketed its vacuum not just as a time-saver but as a human energy saver: “Hoover offers the least fatiguing way of cleaning carpets and rugs.” If a robot wrote this blog post, would you even know the difference? The future of automation says that robots will displace human jobs. Gmail’s auto-responder […]


Gamed and uattended

Beyond the robot. Waiting for the robot. The question of who does what won’t matter when the automata yield the paintbrush, teach Castilian Spanish, dance, and write best-selling romance novels. Even if this is all simulation, the gamers from above played their part in permitting the unscripted. Like hungry pigeons, we were just picking up […]

Today’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality

“After World War Two, artists and advertising agencies wanted to sell a bright and hopeful future. But they were also working to produce something that their audience would recognize and find plausible. As H. G. Wells said: “Anyone can invent human beings inside out or worlds like dumbbells or gravitation that repels. The thing that […]

Variations on a human theme

We’re all variations on a human theme, containing multitudes. Some of the variations are more versatile than others. The brain’s wiring is more amenable to uncertainty than chasing exactitude. The rare breeds prefer to keep the ball in the air, playing the piano with no end in sight. Time is constant, and so is their […]

Time keeps on slipping into the future

Time is moving at warp speed. But is it time or our habits that permit time to slip into the future? Today’s perception is irreality. We spend more time looking into our devices than we do looking up at the world. What seems like 2 minutes pecking at the phone turns into 20 minutes of […]

Meet the flying train, a hybrid train and plane

While Elon Musk is helping to combine hyperloops and space travel, the Russian architecture firm Dahir Insaat wants to build a hybrid train and plane that transports 2,000 people at a time. The flying trains reach speeds up to 300mph, not much faster than the speediest train in the world, the 267 mph Shanghai Maglev. […]

This miniature ring could be the future of wearable tech 💍

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]Smart devices are getting smaller and smaller. The Xenxo S-Ring (Kickstarter) could be the latest in wearable tech to turn your hand into a phone, operate as a flash drive, act as a credit-card for on the go payments, track your steps, and more. It’s a Bluetooth enabled remote control for your […]

‘Men have become the tools of their tools’

Technology is not neutral. FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) not only want to make all decisions for us, they want us to dissolve into all-consuming bots while the machines do all the thinking and making. Humans are meant to work, not to be hedonistic jobless throwaways. We seek meaning and identify ourselves through our labor. […]

Tomorrow’s World: Children in 1966 predict what the world will be like in the year 2000

Well-spoken, cynical, and eerily accurate, in 1966 these kids predicted what life would be like in the year 2000. Their predictions include: The rise of robots and job loss due to automation The threat of nuclear war Globalization and the destruction of cultures (note: they couldn’t have foreseen the backlash) Population and overcrowding Genetically modified […]