Revolutionizing tomorrow

Enough schooling will kick the creativity out of you. What it doesn’t teach you is how to push ideas to completion. That comes within. The interested artist stops for nobody even if that means painting from memory, not life. Hyper-vigilant to blind spots, the curious maker is also looking to out-innovate themselves. Doing what your […]

The revolt of you

In constant revolt, we take on new challenges that others can’t see or are too preoccupied to try. The mother of invention is necessity, with the brave and curious making that tiny start. The endeavor to do is to learn, not just about ourselves but how we can influence other people. Fight predictability and slothfulness. […]

Raising the level of consciousness

You can’t program a robot to be bored. It runs on doing. You can’t depend on a robot to pursue a half-baked idea when it doesn’t know what stretches tastes. At the same time, a robot can multiply randomness. Using AI, It can think of thousands of possibilities at once. It is the ultimate prompt […]

A special kind of permeable concrete system to prevent floods

This is neat. There’s a special kind of concrete called Topmix Permeable that acts like a giant sponge to soak up as much as 880 gallons of water per minute. The material permits water to drain through the voids to prevent the puddles you’d see created on ordinary concrete. It seems like a practicable solution […]

Adults experience ‘a narrowing of the imagination’

[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignright’]“We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.” — David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity

The case for playing the long game

Good things take time. If we all settled for immediate results, there would be no Apple, Amazon, or Tesla. The world’s best leaders are visionaries. They work years ahead, having planted the seeds for what’s happening now to springboard them into the future. When asked what he thinks when analysts congratulate him on a good […]

A function of the mistakes

There is little precedent to predetermine if something works. As Nassim Taleb writes, “Trial and error is freedom.” Is cryptocurrency legitimate? Will autonomous cars be safe? Do social networks divide us? Even brilliant minds slip up, especially in the incipient stages. But we should ultimately be judged by the volume of our work rather than […]

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’

Skepticism is the contestability of what’s insufficiently peculiar. There is nothing that can’t be doubted and recasted anew, given the evidence. Computers are just the tip of the iceberg. Technology shapes our thinking the same way the railroad and microscopes once did, still do. The tools set free green fields of opportunity. The urge to […]

Weary of Knowledge

Good knowledge is half-baked. It’s fragile enough to manipulate yet purposeful enough to help make decisions. A world of facts is too predictable. Facts affirm the right way to go yet impede the will to experiment and try something different. Why repeat the same old things even if they work? The canvass starts blank because […]

Back of the envelope…for starters ✍️✉️

It doesn’t matter where or how an idea emerges. What matters is that the idea exists somewhere on paper, a napkin, an envelope, a Tweet, or a blog post. We can’t begin to assess and dissect a new concept unless we can see its basic framework and bones visually. I’m not writing it down to […]

Forward Thinking

Guessing the future is easier than writing it. Steve Job did both. He knew what people wanted and built it for them. Most people are either one of the other: analyst/forecaster or developer. The analysts’ information generally direct the developers what to do, mostly because the developers just want to do the work. They want […]