Be open to change

You are elastic, not stagnant. “A caterpillar who seeks to know himself would never become a butterfly.” — André Gide You may not be a morning person now. But you might be when you have kids. You may not think of yourself as a meditator, but after listening to Tara Brach, you may become hooked. You […]

We’re rhythmic creatures

We’re rhythmic creatures. There’s a reason we latch on to each other’s tastes and habits. Emulation begets automation. But there’s always someone who comes along and challenges our beliefs, unlocking a Pandora’s box of attitudes and topics we never even considered. All of a sudden, everything we deemed to be true goes into question. The […]

No-makeup makeup

It’s easier to be oneself behind a mask to conceal the messy workings underneath. But the shame in acting is suppressing the person that we are. We can only mask our insecurity and vulnerability for so long until we yield to the unmasking powers of authenticity. Honesty is liberating There is no stage nor carousel of […]

Dare to be different, in some way

Think different or be the different one? Express yourself or be the one that you are? There are countless ways to practice standing out. However, it is impossible to separate ourselves from the crowds without first identifying what are the popular objects people lust. We imitate others so we can fit in more quickly. Conformity is […]

Losing our edge

Being weird used to be lonely. But then the Internet happened. It connected the vinyl collectors, the sneakerheads, and the want-to-be Romance novelists. They came together, competed, collaborated, cheered each other on while a select few took their micro, macro until their weird became the new standard. “Success blurs. It rounds off the rough edges.” […]

Everything is sampled, including your DNA

It’s in our DNA to cut and paste, to sample from each other and to let our ideas have sex. The internet is the largest cut and paste machine. It begs for recombinations, a collection of stuff we can remix and make feel like our own. Like a Tumblr page, we decorate our personalities with […]